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Your Refresher Course on Diamonds: The Famous 4Cs

Carat – The measurement of a diamond’s weight, this word is derived from the carob seeds that were used to balance scales in ancient times. For jewelry purposes, carats are further divided into points, a one-carat stone equaling 100 points. Therefore, a half-carat stone may be referred to as 50 points, a quarter-carat, 25 points, etc. Clarity – A diamond’s clarity is...
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Your Jewelry Box May Be Filled With Hidden Treasures

The best thing about fine jewelry – aside from its beauty – is that it can be recycled, restyled and redesigned to produce a piece that will give you years of wearing pleasure. Gold and platinum can be melted down; diamonds and gemstones can be reset into stylish pieces. It’s time to gather all those damaged pieces and have them recycled into something you can enjoy. In addition to damaged and...
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Why Cut Is the Most Important Of the 4Cs

The Human Touch Cut is really the only quality of a diamond that is controlled by a human, in this case, the gem cutter. His job is to take a rough diamond and transform it into a sparkling gem. Regardless of a diamond’s shape, each cut is created using precise mathematical proportions. Round Brilliant Has 58 Facets For example, the standard brilliant cut, developed in 1919, and still the most...
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When Gold Is Not Gold

But here’s an important fact to know about the gold used in fine jewelry. Gold doesn’t have to be yellow. “Real” gold comes in myriad colors. By mixing other metals to yellow gold in varying percentages and combinations, jewelers can create a rainbow of colored gold alloys. In the case of black gold, a number of scientific processes are used to create this unusual variation. White Gold – Nickel...
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When a Sale Is Not a Sale

When you see a deep discount advertised, ask yourself, “Fifty percent off what?” Was the piece ever sold at the original, higher price? For how long was it selling at the higher price? And how many pieces were sold at that price? Some retailers will briefly mark an item up to a ridiculously high price and then reduce the price to a reasonable level and call it a discount. Another advertising...
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What You Need to Know About The ‘Ideal’ Cut

Difference Between Cut and Shape Ideal cutting is not to be confused with the shape of a diamond. Cut refers to the arrangement of a diamond’s facets. A diamond that’s ideal cut is one that has been cut according to a mathematical formula that many experts believe results in the best possible reflection and refraction of light. Cut Is the Most Important ‘C’ Many experts...
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