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When it Comes to Engagement Rings, Bigger Is Better

Most women already have a feeling for what they want in an engagement ring. Perhaps they’ve always dreamed of a particular style or maybe they’re blown away by the contemporary offerings of a new designer. Surely tastes vary, but one theme seems to be common among nearly all the brides we see – they would love a quality diamond of a carat or more. Although the engagement ring purchase is usually...
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Today’s Bride Wants to Make An Individual Fashion Statement

In fact, while most contemporary brides are still interested in traditional ring styles, many are looking to put a modern twist on their classic bridal rings. Here are some current trends in the bridal sector that bear out the move toward more unique bridal jewelry: Engagement Rings – Antique styles and cuts, family heirlooms, estate/auction rings and pieces from vintage jewelers have been...
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Three-Stone Engagement Rings Are Steeped in Symbolism

Three-stone rings, which have been worn by brides since as long ago as the 1800s, are enjoying a revival of popularity today. Style-setter Madonna, for example, chose a platinum Edwardian ring with three large diamonds when she became engaged to British film director Guy Ritchie. Actress Sharon Stone, singer Toni Braxton and supermodel Heidi Klum are among the other celebrities who have marked...
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The ABCs of Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring

Choose the center stone first. A diamond is the standard stone for an engagement ring, but a quality colored gemstone can make a stunning statement. (Princess Diana’s engagement ring featured a sapphire surrounded by small diamonds.) Some forward-thinking brides love the look of colored diamonds. Review the Four Cs. If you decide on a diamond, consider the “four Cs” (color, clarity, carat and...
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Platinum Bridal: Tasteful, Practical, Interesting

Why? Because designing a bridal set that’s tasteful, practical and interesting, all at once, often requires skill and imagination – and platinum lends itself wonderfully to even the most demanding design concepts.The look of platinum is especially effective for a bridal set, which often runs the risk of looking either too meek, or ostentatious. Platinum, with its subdued glow, is an...
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Planning a Wedding? Don’t Forget Gifts for the Wedding Party

For everyone from the parents of the couple to the flower girls and ring bearer, there is no gift more memorable than carefully chosen fine jewelry. It’s a great way to share the love, and suitable gifts can be found at every budget level. For bridesmaids, you can choose from a wide array of diamond and pearl earrings, or heart-shaped necklaces and earrings with dangling diamonds. If your...
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