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The Chain Gang: Newest Styles are Anything But Basic

To pick up on the contemporary mood, consider a pair of flirtatious dangle earrings in which a fancy-colored gemstone is accented with diamonds and suspended from a delicate gold chain. When choosing the perfect color, remember spring’s favorite gemstones: amethyst, peridot and Swiss blue topaz. If unsure of which color is best, go for the sure-fire winner of gold and diamonds, interpreted in...
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Gold: The Chameleon of Precious Metals

Metallurgists routinely blend gold with other metals to increase its strength and durability, but also to change its color. For example, the shimmering white gold that has been a strong fashion trend over the past several years is created by alloying yellow gold with palladium or silver. The complexion-flattering rose, red and pink gold colors are achieved by adding to the gold and sterling...
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Go for the Gold! Day or Night

No longer content to save their best pieces for special occasions, jewelry lovers are wearing their favorites every day – all day. The ultimate in versatility is the classic gold piece – only the clothing requires changing. A floating heart with diamonds is simple enough for jeans, elegant enough for a little black dress. Solitaire diamond slides on omega chains accessorize business...
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Chain Reaction

The most easily defined characteristic of a gold chain is its karatage, which can range from 10-karat to pure 24-karat gold. Pure gold is rarely used in fine jewelry because of it softness. Gold is typically alloyed with other metals to make the chain more durable; for this reason 14-karat and 18-karat are most popular for daily wear. The 18-karat option often has a deeper, richer gold color....
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